Who’s Wu?

I’m a mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, repurposed lawyer, non-morning person, lover of beauty, small business owner and aspiring writer. I have been called a “seeker” and a “traveler of the mind” by friends because I seek understanding of relationships and life. The real life binds, twists and turns, and choices we make on the rollercoaster of life captivate me.

I fiddled with the title of this blog for ages.  “Oh Wu-hoo” could just as easily have been “Wu Who?”  Because, apart from the fact that I love double entendres, I’m on a quest to find myself, my passion, my calling, my purpose.  I careened along on the fast track of the corporate life until I turned 40, when I abruptly switched to the track of stay-home mom and housewife; inertia/boredom; fun spontaneous lunches and random girlfriend trips; and inner demon confrontation. In the five plus years of my journey to date, I’m slowly starting to come to the realization that maybe I won’t find it, and that maybe that just isn’t the point.

In my Life After Law, I’ve occupied my days with long distance running, pottery, tennis, writing, piano lessons, gyrotonics, microfinance work, a neighborhood revitalization project, social work classes, and numerous what-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up coffees with friends who are on similar quests. Early on, in a class on painting and drawing (at which I was truly awful), I met another recovering, semi-retired lawyer.  I told her of my difficulty making the transition from career woman to stay-home mom.  She told me, “Go be! Do! Play with your kids. Take up violin. Tend to your garden. You will learn a hell of a lot about yourself!”

She was right. This blog documents my learnings and musings and random observations, as I strive to nurture my two kids, husband and houseplants, improve my mind and tolerance for frustrations both big and small, keep in better contact with loved ones, maintain good health as I launch into middle age, find joy and gratitude in the small corners in life, and all the while keep a tiny eye perched above for what is it I want to be when I grow up.

Throughout it all, writing is my solace, comfort, joy.  The delicious satisfaction of selecting just the right words to describe a scene or facial expression or outfit, the pen gaining momentum as ideas crystallize and my hand moves across the page, the unfolding of a story, paragraph by paragraph (not always in order) – these are the things that feed my soul and allow me to connect to myself.

Thanks for reading.



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